It was a great revelation and relief to discover that I had the power to heal myself

I tested positive for Covid 19 at the beginning of June 2022. The previous day I had completed an 11-hour hike through the mountains so my level of fitness and general health was fine prior to being infected. I had been vaccinated and boosted not long before and did not experience intense symptoms or need medical treatment during the initial infection.

My brain maintained my condition by pondering questions such as: ‘How am I doing today, which symptoms are the hardest, and consequently; what will I be doing today?’

I am writing this to those of you who are ill and have lost hope that you will get well again. I write because I want the health services to be more knowledgeable in the way they meet us. It was tough having to go through this on my own, and I would have wished there had been a team of psychologists, physiotherapists, and doctors who would not focus on my symptoms but on my rehabilitation, but first and foremost that could have provided a fair explanation of what might have happened. This is an essential key for people to get the courage to rehabilitate.