This privacy policy statement tells you how we handle personal information, which is gathered to perform our services in relation to members and others we work with.

The responsible person in Recovery Norway in handling data is the leader of the organisation, if tasks have not been otherwise delegated. Requests for access to, corrections or deletions of personal information can be done here.


From our members we ask for information about name, address, telephone number, date of birth and email. These data are used to report about number of members to apply for public, economical support. Additionally, we need this information from members in order to provide sufficient services and information regarding the membership. When one becomes a member of the organisation, one agrees to being sent for example news and invitations via email. We do not share your personal information with others, and they are deleted when and if you no longer are a member.


You can send us email, and we take your privacy very seriously. Still, you should remember that email is not a completely secure technology and all entities are vulnerable to data theft. Therefore, be careful with sending sensitive information. Write shortly, without too many details. We make contact if you need to talk to one of us.


As a member, you may be sent information and news about the organisation via email. We therefore save your email in a database. We do not share it with others, and it is deleted if you leave the organisation.


Our website (which is made in WordPress) uses cookies to map visitors and their use of the website. We do this primarily in order to know how many read our stories and where they are from (country). We do this to make our website as relevant to visitors as possible. The cookies do not contain personal information. You can avoid cookies being saved on your computer by changing the settings in your web browser.

Applications for happenings

In relation to happenings (e.g. seminars, courses or lectures we may stage) or courses it may also be necessary to gather information on allergies and need for facilitation, in addition to name and contact details. This information will not be for other purposes that administration of the happening. The personal details will be deleted after the happening.


You can choose to share your story about recovery on our website. It is completely up to your what you want to share, and you can be anonymous. Remember that what is shared openly on the internet is accessible for anybody, and that we have no control over who downloads or shares texts and pictures. At any time, you can write to us and ask for corrections or deletion of your story from our websites.

Recovery Norway, 24.02.2019