Recovery Norway’s most important resource by far are the stories our members have chosen to share in order to help others. Below is a sample of feedback and testimonials from people who have found hope and inspiration in them, showing that it works!

Then one day, I read about Recovery Norge. It provoked me and made me curious at the same time. I found the Facebook page and read some stories about people who had recovered from ME. They had written the stories themselves. I believed them, how could I not? Why would anyone lie about being sick, and then lie about getting well?! I have more faith in people than that. So, I thought, if other people can manage to recover from ME, then I damn well am going to too! And I did! I am now completely recovered! I am so grateful that Recovery Norge exists! And thankful to the people who have taken the time to share their stories. It is to a large extent thanks to them that I eventually recovered.

Female member of Recovery Norge (2018), translated from Norwegian

Facebook post, March 2019. Thank you, Juanita!

Hello. I just have to say that you need to keep up the important work you’re doing! I get a lot of inspiration from your website and the stories that are shared there. I completed the LP course myself in December 2017. I have pretty much recovered, but I find that I get relapses in stressful times so that I start losing focus and having stress symptoms again. One of the methods I use to snap out of it is reading the stories you share. It is SO HELPFUL! All creds to those who are brave enough to come forward and speak up! I hope they are well looked after, having mustered the courage to share their experiences. 

Woman to Recovery Norge on Facebook (2018), translated from Norwegian
A German website on the film “An undeniable truth”, which is made by Randu Størseth about Thomas Overvik, both now Recovery members.

The time leading up to Christmas last year was the loveliest I have had in ages. I was so calm and relaxed after the hospital tests, but also because I knew I was going to Oslo for the LP course.

I took the course in the middle of December and immediately got much, much better. I didn’t think the ‘stop’ technique we learned at the course worked that well, but I found my own method. When the symptoms emerged, I just told myself; This is a false alarm! Those became the magic words I used, and that worked.

It has just gone uphill from there. I have had my times in ‘the pit’, and have through talks with my new friend gotten the support and help to get back ‘on track’. The stories that are shared on Recovery Norge have also helped a lot.

Woman to Recovery Norge on Facebook (2018), translated from Norwegian

The stories in Recovery have inspired me and helped me a lot in understanding and finding a way out of it all ?.

Woman to Recovery Norge by SMS, February 2019, translated from Norwegian


I just want to thank you for sharing all this. I took the LP course last summer myself, and seeing the videoclips and stories you post HELPS! It gives me a boost as I am not quite there yet, but getting closer and closer ?.

I’ve been playing around in ‘the pit’ for the last year, but seeing all the stories turning up on your site gives me an additional glow and drive. It proves that it is not make-believe when things are good, and that this actually works.

You read everywhere, and at the ME Network, which I thought was a serious organisation, that LP and Live are humbug etc.. All that does is pull you even further down, if you start doubting or playing around in ‘the pit’.

That’s why I think it’s so great when you share the stories that show that it actually WORKS. That there is a chance of getting completely well again, that my bed will not be my only partner for life.

I don’t expect I’m the only one feeling like this.. So NEVER stop sharing. Spread the happy word so that even more people can realize that this actually can help.

AND it helps those of us who are not yet there – THANK YOU.

Woman to Recovery Norge on Facebook (2018), translated from Norwegian

Thank you for Recovery Norway. It’s a beacon of hope for those in despair, but also a support for those of us recovered.

Max, February 2021. Read her story here.

This group and all your stories have meant a lot to me in my journey to recovery. Thank you so much for sharing your stories! I got ME in December 2014 after a long period of stress, not enough sleep, anxiety, mono, pneumonia and other infections. I consider myself recovered today. It has been a long process of trying out different approaches, but what really helped me was LP and rehabilitation at Friskvernklinikken Unicare in Asker. I didn’t dare try LP until this group was established, so that says a lot about how important RN is to a lot of people.

Female member of Recovery Norge (2019), translated from Norwegian

In hindsight, I might have saved a lot of time and money if I’d done the Lightning Process course ten years ago, but it has been important for me to own my own process. My method has not been a quick fix, and I have had to be my own coach all along. It has been a long and demanding, but educational, journey and I keep learning more about myself and how these mechanisms work.

It is very important that Recovery Norge keeps telling the stories of those that have recovered. It gave me a lot of inspiration and hope in my process. Similarly, I hope my own story can provide hope and understanding to those who need it.

Torill Sorkmo, member of Recovery Norge, translated from Norwegian

When it comes to Recovery Norge, I am a big fan and follow their Facebook page. It is wonderful that we who have recovered have now been given a voice, with our message being one of hope and optimism.

Man to Recovery Norge on Facebook (2019), translated from Norwegian