“Body and head, yes, thank you, I`ll choose both.”

I first attended Lightning course as a relative and was generally very interested in the human mind and the human being on a whole. Body and head, yes, thank you, I`ll choose both.

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Turid Spildo

Photo: Trine Mikkelsen

The course was interesting and gave me lots to think about. But it was four months after the course that I started to use what I had learned, and especially the process itself.

I had had some back problems, but not the most severe ones. Some years earlier, it would be pretty bad in periods. I regularly went to the chiropractor. My mother had the same problems at the same age, so I thought; yes, it is my heritage.

I had recently visited the chiropractor, but the pain came back. Therefore, I thought I would try the LP. In the beginning, I tried without believing that it would work. It was mostly for fun. But it worked! Not after the first attempt, not after the second attempt, but I repeated the process, and the pain disappeared! The pain came back. But then I used the process, and the pain disappeared again.

This is about two and a half years ago. Little by little, the back pain came less often. When the pain approaches now, I know what to do. I have become familiar with the link between mind and body. What initially seems magical is now logical.

I was also bothered by dizziness before. It appeared occasionally. I have not had this dizziness since I started with the LP process. I also do not expect it to come back. And as a bonus; I now have better self-esteem.

(I would like to emphasize that I have great respect for chiropractors and their knowledge.)

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